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Aura Protection 30mls

Aura Protection 30mls
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(also available as a mist)

For opening, balancing and harmonising your chakras to allow spiritual contact with your angels, spiritual teachers and Higher Self.  By elevating your Consciousness, this essence will assist in creating a connection with your angels for guidance.  Also assisting you to listen to and follow your intuition and inner wisdom in order to find the best solution when face with a choice of two or more things.  It will assist in releasing negative energies and entities so you can receive clear information from your Higher Self and Angelic Realm without interference.  Purifies and releases environements of built up negative emotional, mental and psychic energies.  Great for clearing tense situations and environments and restoring balance.  Will heal any breaks in the auric field and for spiritual protection and guarding against psychic attacks or energy drain by others.

Examples of uses: deeper meditation, enhancement of intuition and sacred space, inner guidance, helping to access Higher Self, telepathy, invoking angelic guidance.

Ingredients: Vibrational Flower Essences of Angelsword, Boronia, Bush Fuchsia, Bush Iris, Fringed Violet, Green Spider Flower, Gymea Lily, Paw Paw, Australian Purified Water, Australian Brandy.


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