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I get a sense of joy from helping people to solve their health issues and helping couples who have been trying to conceive for so long have babies.  It’s one of the reasons I became a Homeopath in the first place. Here are some stories from patients who have experienced results for a range of health conditions by working with me:


Fertility Program


I had only been on Sorelle Homeopathy's fertility program for 3 months when I fell pregnant, just before turning 44! I'd had a history of mild poly cystic ovarian disease and hormone imbalance however, using homeopathy and nutritional supplements, my hormones were brought back into balance within just a few months allowing me to fall pregnant easily. My husband and I had made the decision not to go through conventional medical fertility treatment due to the risk of taking medications and other interventionist techniques, not to mention the huge costs. With Sorelle Homeopathy, we didn't have to worry about any of these things.  The whole process was effective, easy and natural, the way it should be. Thank you Samara.




Edwina & Paul, Briar Hill


Long Standing Grief, Anxiety & Emotional Trauma

I’d just like to thank Samara for getting my life back on track both physically & emotionally.  I first saw Samara for what seemed vague symptoms at first.  I had debilitating weakness, especially in my legs and an incredible nausea which lasted all day long (the only relief I had was at night when I was sleeping).  A brief background to this was that there were some tough decisions which were going to have to be made about my elderly mother and this, as Samara discovered was having a huge impact on my daily life and no doubt creating my unbearable physical symptoms.  Further digging by Samara also revealed that I had a very deep emotional trauma which I had been carrying around for the last 35 or so years after the sudden and unexpected death of my father when I was quite young.  At the time, I remember not coping very well at all with his death and I used Valium, prescribed to me by my family doctor to numb my grief.  Which now, after seeing Samara over the course of several months I am aware was only masking my symptoms back then and putting a band-aid over my grief and anxiety.  Anyway, after several months of Homeopathic treatment and Reiki sessions, I can now say that I am ‘back to my old self again’.  My deep grief has finally been addressed and I am no longer carrying around this ‘extra baggage’ which was clearly affecting me on a physical level.  I no longer have daily occurrences of nausea and my general weakness has improved dramatically and I am back to doing things that I love.

Chronic Back Pain

P.S. I’d just like to add an addition to this – my back pain.  I was in the habit of taking a daily glucosamine tablet just to get through the day because of my terrible lower back pain. Samara also treated this too, but the amazing thing was that just after I took one dose of the Homeopathic remedy she prescribed, I could immediately notice a difference – and I no longer have the need to take glucosamine.  

John, Doreen.


Acute Complaint - Child Health

I saw Samara after my 10 year old son suddenly became unwell over the course of the day, and of course, it was a Sunday!  I’m sure it must have been viral, as a few of his classmates during the previous week had come down with something similar.  He was as white as a sheet, he said he felt nauseous, and he was complaining of a headache and just feeling generally unwell.  Samara took down all his symptoms and prescribed a remedy which I am very pleased to say settled him and cleared his symptoms and the amazing thing was he didn’t need any time off school and was well and able to go to school on the Monday.

Sally, Eltham.


Anxiety & Depression

Dear Samara,

Just a short note to say thank you very much for all your help.  I feel much better these days.  The products, including the chamomile tea are helping me cope.  I wish you all the best.  You are a great listener and are very patient.  Please take care.  With gratitude and love,

Suya, Brunswick.

Hay fever

For as long as I can remember, I had (note the past tense!) hay fever. I would dread Spring each year when my symptoms would be quite debilitating.  I had the classic hay fever symptoms – runny nose, constant sneezing and itchy eyes.  Of course, over the years I tried the usual treatments – antihistamines, nasal sprays etc., but they only every offered a temporary relief and each year my hay fever re-appeared.  After treating with homeopathy, I am pleased to say that I no longer dread Spring each year!

Lucas, Eltham

Bad Sinusitis

After a few years from suffering from sinus infections I got fed up with taking sinus tablets and antibiotics. These tablets weren’t working at all they just ran me down even more.  I was in that much pain that it was hard to keep my eyes open and they were always running with tears. This also made me very dizzy while doing my job (gymnastics coach).  So I went to see Samara who helped me with my sinuses, she gave me some remedies to take to clear the sinus infection, after a few weeks I started feeling some relief, there was no pain in my face  (cheeks, around the eyes and ears). No more dizziness and no more headaches in the eyes. I was on this treatment for a couple of months and now today no headache in the eyes and no pain in the face.

Infestation of Warts

As a young child I was covered in warts on all my fingers and feet and was feeling self conscious and always getting teased over it.  Over the years I had slowly got rid of the warts on my fingers by duct-taping them and leaving duct-tape on for weeks. But I found it  hard to get rid of the warts on my feet, I went to my GP who froze most of them off which I wasn’t really a fan of getting them frozen off and GP words were 'they may come back'.  I didn’t want them to come back so I found a solution, to see Samara. Samara gave me some remedies to help with my warts I had two left out of maybe 20 to 30 and one has fully gone and the others are nearly gone as well.  I am very happy, as I have been stuck with these horrible things nearly all my life and now, I have freedom from them thanks to Samara.

Bad Shoulder Pain

Since December last year 2012 I was suffering with pain mostly in the left shoulder and some pain in the right. I was finding it hard to lift things, to weight-bare and even do stretches and fitness.  Sometimes it was so painful I would cry myself to sleep, The only thing that would calm it down at night was a heat pack my heat pack used to stay with me at all times and even while working sometimes, when I was in a lot of pain. I started to get really bad headaches from my shoulder pain and I was taking Panadol most days which made me sleepy. So after a few months of pain I went to see Samara and she gave me a treatment that firstly took my headaches away and then slowly my shoulder pain was resolved.  I can now lift things and weight-bare and I’m back into my fitness. 

Emily, Mill Park.

Chronic Food Allergies & Skin Complaint - Child Health

"Many of my friends know about Jades food allergies and eczema. This year I saw something on 60mins about de-sensitizing and helping kids with food allergies overcome their life threatening condition. The treatment is in the US and it takes months and months (like most treatments). BUT they would still need to eat a small amount of their allergen everyday so the body doesn't forget. Anyhow I seriously thought about taking the family over and getting the treatment. $$$$$$$

BUT then I thought I should exhaust all our options right here in Australia. Thats where the wonderful Samara Douglas comes in, Qualified Homeopath, Midwife, Nurse plus more!

Jade has been seeing Samara since October 2013 and taking homeopathic remedies and already we have seen an incredible improvement in her skin. 

We have not used cortisone since October, nor have we had to use zyrtec for urticaria and contact reactions (if she has had a contact reaction I have given her a remedy supplied by Samara and it has worked a treat, mind you I would not hesitate to use conventional medicine and an epi pen if required! AND as a professional Samara would never recommend stopping any medicine prescribed by your doctor) and this is AMAZING! 

I've been using just coconut oil as a moisturiser. I can't believe the results so far. Jade came up to me this morning showing me her arms and excitedly saying how she didn't itch last night. (unusual as it was very HOT!). 

So as homeopathy looks at a person as a whole and not an illness, we are working together with Samara to help Jade overcome her food allergies and her chance of Anaphylaxis. 

I highly recommend Samara as a practitioner of homeopathy and suggest you like her page if you would like to try a different approach to helping your own health. She is worth every cent! AND Eltham is not far to go!


Naomi, St. Helena.


We've seen Samara as well when Noah was terribly sick this year. She was amazing! Modern medicine didn't work and he kept ending up in hospital... We saw Samara and his body was able to heal itself... Just Amazing! I highly recommend her as well!!!! 

Clara, Mernda.


Bell's Palsy

I would definitely recommend Samara's homeopathic treatment. After waking up one morning with half my face paralysed due to Bell's Palsy, I panicked and went straight to the doctor. Heavy steroids were prescribed and I wasn't seeing any results. I was worried I would be forever deformed. I went to see Samara who sat me down for a detailed consultation to find out not just all my physical symptoms but what areas in my emotional life could have caused this in the first place. I was treated and prescribed herbs, flower essences and homeopathic pills. And I was completely back to normal within 3 weeks. I like the fact homeopathy isn't just about taking a remedy and fixing the symptoms, it treats you as a whole and helps with the cause. Very thorough treatment. I would definitely send all my friends and family to see her.

Nikki, Doreen.


Acne Rosacea

After suffering with Acne Rosacea for over 12 months with the flare-ups getting more frequent and more severe, I was told by my GP that there is no treatment available for this condition except on-going courses of antibiotics which generally have limited success.  I decided this was not a course of action that I wanted to embark on and I was very fortunate to be recommended to Samara.  I began my Homeopathic treatment with Samara early in April 2015 and from day one until now (Feb 2016) I have had only one extreme mild flare-up that was very early on in my treatment, which is absolutely amazing, considering my acne rosacea was becoming quite frequent and embarrassing.  I have not had any flare-ups since my last appointment in December 2015 and I now consider myself healed.  Samara is a compassionate, dedicated and highly qualified practitioner.  I cannot recommend her and her treatment highly enough.

Carol, Mernda.


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